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Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has reported that six lions have been found killed and dismembered in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The lions were found with heads and paws cut off, and were surrounded by dead vultures, in what was a clear indication that poison is the likely cause of death. Officials at UWA have not ruled out illegal trafficking as the likely motive behind the attack

This is not the first time lion killings of such magnitude have taken place in Queen Elizabeth National Park. In a recent killing, a pride of 11 lions which included three adult lionesses and eight cubs were poisoned and killed in 2018.

A bounty of UGX 10 Million has been placed by UWA for anyone with information leading to arrest and prosecution of the killers of six lions.

UWA has issued a statement below regarding the incident.

UWA Statement on the killing of six lions
UWA Statement on the killing of six lions


Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the senseless killing of the six lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The have reportedly confessed to taking part in the killing and have led the Uganda Wildlife Authority team to a location where the heads and paws of the killed lions were hidden. Also, bottles of chemicals and poaching implements were recovered from the said poachers. Below is the follow up statement from UWA.

UWA four arrested for killing lions